Tunnel sponge iron reduction unit

Tunnel sponge iron reduction unit (the first anthracite-based pellet softener):

Construction and operation of a sponge iron production plant by tunnel kiln method with a nominal production capacity of 70,000 tons, the project of which started in June 1996. In practice, the "scrap" feed produces induction units and an electric arc.

Production of 140 to 160 kg sponge tubes of the product, which is used in induction furnaces, is produced for the first time. In this project, 125 billion Tomans have been invested, which in its kind has various features, including:

Flexibility in receiving input load (pellet soft, oxide shell, concentrate, etc.)
Production of low carbon product for induction melting units
5% optimization of energy consumption and production slag during melting compared to other forms of sponge iron
No need to bribe the product and the possibility of direct consumption in smelting
Possibility of more storage and transportation and reduction of oxidation risks of the product compared to Midrex sponge iron
Ability to produce products with a total iron content of 90 to 98% with metallization of 96% and above.
Possibility of feed production of metallurgical powder production units

We are proud to announce that this company has the ability and technical knowledge to design, manufacture, supply and install concentrate production plants as well as tunnel sponge regeneration.

It is worth mentioning that the employment rate in the hematite recovery plant is 250 people directly and 600 indirectly and also the employment rate in the tunnel recovery factory is 150 people directly and 350 people indirectly.