The twelfth exhibition event of Isfahan province entitled Metallurgy, Steel and Casting was held in the permanent exhibition place of this province located in the historical bridge of the city.

According to the public relations of Kavian Gohar Sirjan Steel Industries Company, this exhibition, which had a suitable hygienic atmosphere in accordance with the instructions issued by the National Corona Fighting Headquarters, was a necessary attraction for the presence of more than 70 reputable companies in related industries from September 1 to September 25. It attracted the attention of visitors in the steel and casting industries.
Kavian Gohar Sirjan Steel Industries Company is one of the joint stock subsidiaries of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company, which in its two years of existence, which has entered the field of production and service to the country's mining and steel industry, has had an active and admirable presence in this exhibition. So far, it has been able to succeed in presenting its new tubular sponge iron product and attracting new customers in several exhibitions in the country.
It is hoped that all participants in this exhibition opportunity will achieve their desired market and have significant success in the production leap.





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