During the visit of the esteemed CEO and the board of directors of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company to the Kavian Hematite recovery unit, the CEO of Kavian Gohar raised the following:

Kavian's vision promises to gain the first rank in entrepreneurship, continuous development and completion of the value chain of the region's industries by 1404 in the private sector.
Mohammad Eskandaripour stated: "We are proud to announce in the third year of the establishment of Kavian Gohar Company and with the efforts and help of Gol Gohar Company and esteemed shareholders, especially the integrated technical team of the project and the operator of Kavian, the ability and technical knowledge to design, manufacture and supply equipment." , We have the installation and commissioning of concentrate factories and tunnel rehabilitation with our local financial and scientific potential.
He added that feasibility studies for future projects are underway, which will begin soon with the support and guidance of His Excellency Gol Gohar Company and esteemed shareholders



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