Kavian Gohar Sirjan Steel Industries Company was established in the field of development of the country's iron ore industries from mining to downstream industries in 2017 with an initial capital of 100 billion Rials. Production of 70,000 tons of high quality low carbon sponge iron was exploited using the wastes of pelletizing and anthracite units. This product replaces scrap in board induction melting furnaces and in comparison with other types of sponge has many advantages such as saving energy consumption of slag, less reactivity, air oxygen and consequently more storage. Hematite intermediate recovery unit that The title of the largest hematite unit in the country is considered with the support and cooperation of Gol Gohar Mining and Industrial Company as the first project from July 1397. The design and implementation of this project took almost 21 months of round-the-clock efforts and was put into operation with the scientific, experimental and financial support of the esteemed shareholder companies. Hematite unit has been fed from low-grade intermediate materials produced by Gol Gohar Company for up to 8 years and has no mineral dependence during this period, while this unit has the ability to use hematite and magnetic ores. During the three years since its establishment, 400 people have been created directly and 600 people indirectly, and at the same time, the company's capital is about to increase 50 times to 5000 billion Rials. One of the most important goals of this company is the management and localization of knowledge and equipment of regional production lines, investment of materials and entrepreneurship and promotion of industrial development. We proudly announce Kavian Gohar ability and technical knowledge of design, construction, supply, installation and interest. It removes concentrate factories as well as tunnel sponge reduction.